Three Easy Ways You Can Help Reduce Or Avoid Crime At Home

1. Invest In A Home Security System - Many security system companies provide signs, stickers and decals that homeowners display in their yard to warn and hopefully fend off potential burglars. Plus, when you have home security from providers such as, your home is three times less likely to experience a break-in, and that's a statistic from the FBI. The presence of homes with home security in your neighborhood helps stop crime before it starts. Criminals are far less likely to try and burglarize a home that is protected by a security system that's monitored by a home security company.

2. Start A Neighborhood Watch Program - First, get to know your neighbors if you don't' already and see who would be interested in forming a neighborhood task force. You can ask your local police department for resources to get started and then decide who will be elected "officers", where you'll hold meetings and how often.

3. Be Alert, Be Aware! - If you notice something or someone in your community or neighborhood or even when you're out and about that seems out of place and perhaps up to no good, contact your local law enforcement. Know who to call and what to report and be accurate in descriptions, dates, times and other pertinent information so that the authorities can do their jobs thoroughly and try to help stamp out crime!

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Helping Kids Who Grow Up In The Inner City

Children mimic what they see. What are young people seeing in your neighborhood? Are they seeing a place of hope, a vision and a place where they're encouraged to become their best because adults believe in them?

Or are children in your neighborhood seeing violence, chaos, hatred, abuse, crime and a dead-end future with nothing good in store for them?

Sadly, many youth turn to involvement with gangs because it gives them a sense of belonging and protection from the violence in the streets. Those who become involved in prostitution don't do so because it's their career choice- sometimes victims are forced into it and other times it's done to support a drug habit.

How can these things be prevented? By giving youth hope. Promote churches and community programs where a sense of belonging can be found without illegal activity. Advertise safe jobs where young people can obtain money without compromising their safety or dignity. Provide after school programs and mentoring where adult role models are available to provide advice and encouragement to young people.

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How Recreational Drug Use Contributes To Crime

How Recreational Drug Use Contributes To Crime

The Chain Effect of Drug Use
Drug abuse and dependency is a major national issue. Drug use causes addiction, which causes a rehabilitation process that affects taxpayers. Essentially, drug addiction leads to addicts joining rehabilitation or detention centers that rely on taxpayer money to maintain these facilities. However, a chain reaction occurs when a drug deal goes down. The user pays a drug dealer who gets their products from a larger source. Even on a recreational level, the user is contributing to the income of a drug dealer. The drug dealer is a negative source in the community and is making a living from his or her drug sales. In this sense, recreational drug use affects the community in a tremendously negative way.

Setting A Positive Example In The Community
However, abstaining from drugs is the best way to put the drug dealer out of commission. To be sure, even small drug sales add to the profiteering of an illegal drug salesperson. This causes a negative chain reaction that leads to crime, weapon use and drug trafficking. Without realizing it, a recreational drug user has contributed to a massively illegal process of drug services.

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Best Low Cost Security Measures For Your Home

Home security is generally a high priority for the majority of households as most people want to keep their home and the members of their household safe. While not everyone can afford a elaborate security system, there are low cost measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a home being a target for crime.

Security lighting is relatively inexpensive and can go a long way in deterring criminals. Every entryway should be adequately lit. Installing lights that are activated by a motion sensor is fairly inexpensive and can be arranged to cover substantial portions of a property. Areas around the house's exterior that tend to be dark should have new lighting installed to discourage concealment for potential intruders.

Every exterior door should be fitted with a deadbolt lock to make breaking in more difficult. Doorknob locks are generally not sufficient for preventing a burglar from entering through a door. In addition, windows should be kept lock, and window glazing can prevent a burglar from being able to break a window pane to gain entry.

Having security alarm can home insurance premiums. The price of the alarm system may even be offset by the reduction in monthly insurance payment in some cases.

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Keeping Your Kids Out Of Gangs

Gang violence and vandalism continue to be a problem, especially within inner city neighborhoods. It's sad that many children and families can't feel safe visiting neighborhood parks and public areas out of fear of harassment by criminals. Young people who get involved in gangs are often looking for a way to fit into society. Even when life is stable at home, it's easy for your child to become involved with the wrong people, subsequently joining a gang.

To counteract this negative behavior, it's vital that parents truly pay attention to their children.This/tag helps explain it more. You need to be involved in all aspects of their lives and teach them the value of integrity and forming inner strength through discipline and perseverance. Children who join gangs don't have a very high level of self-esteem and they're seeking validation from peers.

Make sure they have that validation and encourage them to discover an interest that truly satisfies them. Instead of foisting an activity upon them that they'll rebel against, work with them to find what truly makes them happy and inspired to meet the future.

When your kids are self-assured and confidant in the beauty of their potential, joining a gang will be the furthest thing from their mind.

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Public Safety Ideas That Really Work

Improving the safety and security of your community requires the efforts of local law enforcement agencies and the public. Many law enforcement agencies offer training classes that inform the general public about local security issues. Neighborhood crime watch programs do a great job of reducing crime in specific neighborhoods. Community awareness is half the battle in reducing crime in your neighborhood. General public safety ideas such as installing home security alarms can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime. Home intrusion is a problem in many areas of the nation. Criminals often commit their crimes during opportunities such as unlocked vehicles and homes.

Install a new home security system in your home by contacting your local security company. Most of these companies offer alarm systems for under 30 per month. That is a small price to pay for protecting your home and family. Choose a security company that includes security equipment such as keypads, alarms and monitoring services for just one low price. Don't sign a long-term agreement with a security company unless you have read the fine print. Most security companies have a cancellation fee if you cancel before your contract ends. Home security is the responsibility of everyone in the community.

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Can Career Criminals Be Reformed?

Almost everyone has heard a story about a criminal who has been arrested and imprisoned multiple times because they repeatedly commit crimes. News of repeat offenders is often met with one very basic question: Can career criminals be reformed?

Some career criminals realize that they are addicted to committing crimes. If a criminal realizes that he has a problem, he may be offered rehabilitation instead of additional jail time. Much like recovering drug addicts, career criminals need to learn how to change the behaviors that lead up to breaking the law.

In the case of a career criminal who realizes that their behavior is an addiction, reformation is definitely possible. Often the criminal is placed in a supervised living facility where he or she will have daily contact with therapists and law enforcement officials who can help the criminal change their habits. If the criminal breaks the law to feed a chemical addiction, rehabilitation also includes getting the individual off drugs.

The answer to the question, "Can career criminals be reformed?" is never simple, but many law-breakers are committing crimes in response to another need; when this is the case, most can be reformed through the efforts of law enforcement agents and therapists.

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